Little Mountain

A memoir, written one week at a time. By Blake Mundell

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“Why did you take down the memoir? It was an incredibly transformative piece that I liked to refer back to once in a while--I was very sad to see it go!”


Thank you for your kind words! I had to take Little Mountain down from the blog, but it will soon be available on a different platform. I will work hard to update folks on tumblr how to access it once it becomes available. Thanks so much for reading!

“But self-preservation is the main predator of honest relationship. This is a very profound and extremely true statement. Makes me think, hard!”


Thank you so much!

“Do you have a favourite song from Eventide and if so, what is it?”


My favorite to listen to might be either Provider or Psalm 88, mostly because I’ve always wanted real strings on my records and have never had them until now. Shawn, who arranged the parts, is pretty much my hero.

My favorite to play out is probably Brave. I often say that if the world were ending and I had just one song to play to a listening audience, it would be Brave.

Thanks for the question!

“If you had 1 week to live, but the option to gain an additional 3 weeks if you did something selfless and of deep importance for 3 people in that 1st week, would you do it, and what would you do?”


1. I would go spend a few days with my best man Carey Day back in Colorado. He’s an awesome guy.

2. I would sign up to donate my organs.

3. I would make Morgan MacGavin a wine bottle light fixture. For free.

“Have you come into contact with Ashleigh? Has she said anything about the blog?”


     Since she left last summer, I haven’t seen Ashleigh. We’ve had occasional email and text correspondence.

     When I finished writing the first chapter and made up my mind to publish this story, I emailed her to see how she felt about sharing it publicly on the web. She got back to me, saying that she supported it given that the posts that followed were similar to Chapter 1. I don’t know what she thinks about later posts.

“What's your greatest heart's desire?”


    What immediately comes to mind is a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from Frothy Monkey. And a white monkey mocha.

    That’s a tough and crazy-important question! What’s my greatest heart’s desire? I believe it wasn’t a thing I mustered up myself, but something given to me. I might even say the same heart’s desire was handed down to us all, and that is, the longing for something steady, absolute, undying.

     But heart business is funny, I think. I tend to be suspicious of anything it tells me, because I’ve learned that apart from pumping my blood, it’s a rather unreliable organ (and even with blood-pumping, you never know when it’s going to up and quit). So when my heart says, “Blake, think about how things will change once those people like you,” or “you can’t live without good friends around,” I think about whether the things I long for are actually steady, absolute, and undying things. If they’re not, I know that there’s much greater heart’s desire somewhere in there.

     So long story short: my heart’s greatest desire is for eternity. But it’s pretty confused and deluded about how to go about getting there.

“What compelled you to write this and make it public?”


     I wrote because writing things down is mainly how I process life. Words on a page just seem to make more sense to me than telephone conversations or shrink sessions.

     Choosing to make it public was, admittedly, something I went back and forth about for a while. I felt a certain duty to share recent events with friends and family who’ve been left in the dark, since I didn’t have time or energy to contact them all and tell the story a thousand times. But more than that, after spending the better part of my life presenting a false sort of Blake, I wanted to start being honest with the whole world, and that meant making all this public.

     I’ve also been inspired and spurred on by close friends and family who are doing similar things to encourage honesty, light, and open community. A great example of this is my roommate Tim’s blog — a shocking and transforming collection of stories about his journey through and out of addiction:

“I don't have a question, Blake, but I wanted to tell you that I think your memoir should be a book!. Something to think about. I am a book lover and am totally loving your work. I especially love how you are so open with your feelings and get where your coming from on how hard that is. You are a refreshing author. Thanks for your openess!”


Thanks so much for that encouragement and for reading! It means a lot. I would love to publish this story in book form someday! Maybe soon?

Very Important Update!

First things first: I need to express my sheer wonder with you all. This blog started as therapy for me—a way to sort through my life and tell those who knew me my story without having to explain it to everyone separately, over and over. But it grew into a lot more than that; the response has been astounding. Last week alone, over three hundred of you read after the last chapter of Part 1 was posted.

Since I’ve been posting, many of you have sent words of praise and encouragement, and I’m grateful beyond words for your support. When I started writing this, I had no idea how many of you would relate to the telling of a tattered story like mine.

As a result, I want to do the best I can with these words and stories to make sure that the content is well-groomed, cohesive and thoughtful. So here’s what I’m doing:

1. In one week (4/14/2012), every chapter on the blog will come down for revision. I’ll use this time to mold the chapters into a more final draft, smoothing things over, adding things I might have missed. Then, beginning on Friday the 20th, I will begin re-releasing Part 1. These will happen twice a week for six weeks.

2. The revised chapters will be re-released with songs.I’ve been working on an album of songs for about a year now. Many of those tunes line up nicely with the stories already told in the blog, so I figured I’d pair them up. In other words, we’re turning this memoir into a musical. Even before my album, Eventide, releases, you’ll be able to stream certain songs on my website once they’re posted with the corresponding chapters.

3. Part 2 will come back on June 1st! I’ve already begun writing Part 2, and I’m itching to let some people read the coming chapters. Once all chapters from Part 1 have been re-released, we’ll jump right in with the rest of the story.

4. “Eventide” album release! The official album release for “Eventide” will be May 8th on iTunes. I’m throwing a CD release show on May 3rd at the Listening Room in Nashville at 4:30, where the first copies will be sold. For those of you who supported me through Kickstarter, your copies will be sent out as soon as they return from manufacturing!

Many thanks again for your support and interest. Seriously, you all rock my socks.