Little Mountain

A memoir, written one week at a time. By Blake Mundell

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“What compelled you to write this and make it public?”


     I wrote because writing things down is mainly how I process life. Words on a page just seem to make more sense to me than telephone conversations or shrink sessions.

     Choosing to make it public was, admittedly, something I went back and forth about for a while. I felt a certain duty to share recent events with friends and family who’ve been left in the dark, since I didn’t have time or energy to contact them all and tell the story a thousand times. But more than that, after spending the better part of my life presenting a false sort of Blake, I wanted to start being honest with the whole world, and that meant making all this public.

     I’ve also been inspired and spurred on by close friends and family who are doing similar things to encourage honesty, light, and open community. A great example of this is my roommate Tim’s blog — a shocking and transforming collection of stories about his journey through and out of addiction: